Ricky Ortiz

EG|Ricky Ortiz

Ricky Ortiz

Origin: USA

Qualification: Leaderboard

Character(s): Rufus


One of the most accomplished US fighting game players, next to her EG teammate Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz is known for precise reads, patient spacing, and most notably, the ability to channel a passionate temper into astonishing gameplay. Ricky is one of the few players that actually plays better when slightly aggravated by opponents, a trait that has lead to numerous comeback and WOW moments. Expect dive kick after dive kick, as Ricky puts the pressure on her opponent until they finally crack. Oh and a word of advice to anyone who runs into Ricky at Capcom Cup: whatever you do, do not stand up too early, or you will surely regret it.


Aww! I beat you that bad? Pity, I'm more fashion than fighter.