Olivier Hay


Olivier Hay

Origin: France

Qualification: Evolution

Character(s): Rose


What does a person do once they've won EVO? Rest? Relax? Go fishing? Not in Luffy's case. The spectacular Frenchman brought home the first EVO crown in French history this summer, but refused to rest on his laurels and instead embarked on a 5 month quest to absolutely DOMINATE the European Street Fighter scene. A one point, hardly a week passed by where Luffy wasn't winning another stacked tournament. Even his long time rivals in the community have failed to take him down as of late, so Luffy enters Capcom Cup as the undeniable favorite to win the whole thing. Playing Rose to absolute perfection, expect to see the Soul Power on display as Luffy sets up for yet another trophy to add to his ever growing collection.


Be serious when its needed