Masato Takahashi


Masato Takahashi

Origin: Japan

Qualification: Leaderboard

Character(s): Sagat


One king to rule them all? Bonchan is undeniably, one of the strongest players in Japan and the world at this point in time. Following a 2nd place finish to Luffy at Evolution 2014, he posted a stellar record in all events afterwards, consistently competing for top placing at each one. Despite Bonchan's extraordinary Sagat play however, he unfortunately finished 2nd place in more events than any other player this year, including at the Taito Arcade Nationals singles competition, where he lost to Nishikin. Will he be able to break free of the runner-up curse? Or will yet another Silver medal finish tarnish the reputation of the would-be Muay Thai king? Capcom Cup is where we will find out once and for all.


As this is the important tournament that closes out the year, I have prepped heavily for it. I'll do my best to win it all.