Keita Ai


Keita Ai

Origin: Japan

Qualification: Dreamhack Winter

Character(s): Fei Long


"The Magician" returns to Capcom Cup! Best known for his extremely patient and measured Fei Long play, Fuudo took the character to the top of the game with his victory at EVO 2011. While the advent of USFIV may have knocked his character down a few spots on the overall tier list, Fuudo remains a threat in any event he enters, as demonstrated by 3rd place finish at this year's EVO. Coming off an nail-biting victory at Dreamhack Winter to grab the last chance qualifying spot to Capcom Cup, he'll be looking to ride this wave of momentum all the way to the winners podium in San Francisco.


I keep getting 3rd place at official Capcom tournaments but I'm ready to win this one!