Justin Wong

EG|Justin Wong

Justin Wong

Origin: USA

Qualification: Leaderboard

Character(s): Rufus, Elena


Justin Wong needs little introduction at this point in his career but it never hurts to remind people why he is one of the all-time greats in the fighting game scene. Amazingly inventive, adaptive, and most importantly clutch, Justin has always been a top player in any game he touches. With multiple EVO championships to his name and literally hundreds of 1st place finishes in a multitude of events worldwide, Justin will be looking to add Ultra Street Fighter IV to the list of games that he reaches the very top of. Get ready to "raise the roof" at Capcom Cup for this player and fan favorite.


The Road to getting into Capcom Cup was very rough but thanks to Evil Geniuses and the support of my fans, I am here and I hope to win this!