Hiroshi Nishikido


Hiroshi Nishikido

Origin: Japan

Qualification: Taito Arcade Nationals (Singles)

Character(s): Blanka


"He won using who?", was the biggest reaction to Nishikin's victory at the Taito Arcade Nationals Singles competition in October. After all, absolutely no one would have expected that a Blanka, out of all characters, would have defeated the very best that Japan had to offer in their annual national tournament. This included an incredibly stacked road to victory which included defeating the likes of Kyabetsu (Japan's best C.Viper player), Kazunoko (world's best Yun player), and even fellow Capcom Cup participant, Bonchan. While people may overlook Blanka as a weak character, Nishikin has demonstrated that looking past him will result in utter and complete defeat at the hands of the electric beast, and he'll be looking to prove it once again at Capcom Cup.


I'm extremely honored to participate in this world pinnacle tournament! I'll show everyone what Japan's strongest Blanka is really made of!