Eduardo Perez

EG|PR Balrog

Eduardo Perez

Origin: USA

Qualification: Norcal Regionals

Character(s): Balrog, Evil Ryu


One of the 4 members from Team EG represented at Capcom Cup, Eduardo burst on to the competitive scene during Street Fighter IV and is widely considered to be the strongest Balrog player in the world. While his affinity with the character is reflected in his handle "PR Balrog," since the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV he has dabbled in a few other characters, most notably, Evil Ryu. Regardless of which character he chooses to go with at Capcom Cup, Eduardo's hyper-aggressive beat down style will ensure that he shakes, shimmies, and flat-out knocks out all opponents he runs into on the stage.


You can be better than me at the game, beaten me before, outsmarted me, but I can always make a comeback... Be scared.