Daigo Umehara


Daigo Umehara

Origin: Japan

Qualification: Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals

Character(s): Evil Ryu


"The Beast." No other player possess a nickname that so perfectly encapsulates what makes them who they are. Simply put, Daigo is one of, if not THE greatest Street Fighter player of all times. Dating back to his early days with SFII, Alpha, coming all the way through SFIII, and into the modern age with SFIV, Daigo has been a champion every step of the way. His uncanny ability to read the mind of his opponents and immediately punish them with a Dragon Punch caused the term "Ume-Shoryu" to be coined, and strikes fear into all who are unfortunate enough to face him. With some in the community claiming a decline in his recent tournament performances, The Beast will be hungry to silence his detractors and claim victory at Capcom Cup.


It's an honor to participate in Capcom Cup this year. I am ready to win it.