Tatsuya Haitani


Tatsuya Haitani

Origin: Japan

Qualification: Tokyo Game Show 2013 qualifier

Character(s): Makoto


With his exhilarating all-offense style, few players get the crowd as hype as Haitani does. His fearlessness and pure overwhelming force ends matches in the blink of an eye, often before his opponents even realize what just happened. As his victory at the TGS Mad Catz Unveiled tournament proved, the OOHS, AHHS, and HOLY $#!%S won't stop until he's demolished everyone at the Capcom Cup with his hyper-aggressive Makoto. Tune in and see for yourself why Haitani was one of the 5 original gods of Japanese fighting games.


I'm Haitani, a Japanese Makoto player. I hope to get everyone's hearts racing with my gameplay. Nice to meet you all.