Naoto Sako


Naoto Sako

Origin: Osaka, Japan

Qualification: Treta Championship Aftermath qualifier

Character(s): Ibuki, Evil Ryu


A member of the original 5 gods of the Japanese fighting game scene, Sako has long been known to have the best execution of any player ever. One look at the way his Evil Ryu and Ibuki comboed his opponents into oblivion at the Treta Championship and you'll be sure to agree. As the only player in the field who can play two different characters at a truly elite level, Sako is sure to be a matchup nightmare for whoever is unlucky enough to run into him at the Capcom Cup.


I'm happy to have played competed in various fighting games such as SFII, Darkstalkers, SFIII, and now, SFIV. I'm looking forward to finishing this tournament strong.