Seonwoo Lee


Seonwoo Lee

Origin: Seoul, South Korea

Qualification: special invite

Character(s): Jin, Alisa


2012 was the year of Infiltration. Not only did he dominate the competitive circuit with a slew of major tournament victories, he also pulled off the incredible feat of winning SSFIVAE and SFxTK at both EVO2K12 AND the SF25 Grand Finals. Infiltration has not fared as well in 2013, but still remained dominant in SFxTK by wining EVO2K13. His team of Jin/Alisa plays perfectly towards his measured and defensive style. Will he prove once again that he is the strongest SFxTK player alive?


I'm happy to meet you all again at a SFxTK tournament after last years' SF25th anniversary tournament. I'll do my best to show you good matches.